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About Dari

Since its 2014 launch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dari has achieved a great success thanks to its strategy of offering high quality products that meet housewives’ expectations by presenting the best vegetables, fruits, potatoes, poultry and dairy products that have been freshly packed and preserved.

Behind Dari

The word “Dari” means “my home” in the Arabic language. It has been strategically chosen as a brand name to remind mothers of the good old days when food was homegrown, flavors were true, and everyone knew what they were eating.

Why Dari?

The best meat, poultry, dairy and their derivatives are from farm-raised livestock. Fruits, vegetables and olives are carefully handpicked from the best nature has to offer.

Our Products

Backed by 60 years of experience in importing, producing, marketing and distributing frozen foods, dairy and dry line products, we’ve ensured only top-notch suppliers for Dari’s natural, fresh, authentic and wholesome products.

Discover our wide variety of products including frozen vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, and dairy.

Dari Promise

We at Al Munajem Cold Stores are committed to meeting the highest levels of quality standards expected by mothers. As such, we guarantee that Dari’s products are the best of what nature offers, then instantly packed to preserve its nutritious and healthy qualities expected from Dari.

Ultimate Goal

To provide mothers in Saudi Arabia with a premium range of food products they can trust as if they had grown them in their own backyard.

Marketing Support

Dari’s current aim is to guarantee the availability of Dari pro ucts for mothers all around Saudi Arabia by launching in key hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country. Over time, we will expand into all retail channels.

Our Values

We are committed to fundamental values, that allowed us to embrace success




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